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Solr with RA, complex-lsa algorithm demo using a bible corpus
simulates human language acquisition and recognition (what is this)
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Some searches using the TermSimilarity:   Wiki info about demo
abraham (returns relevant results related to abraham)
jesus (returns christ at the top of results even with no effort to relate jesus and christ in the index)
christ (returns jesus at the top of results)
holy AND ghost (returns jesus and christ at the top of results )
japheth (returns the sons -- gomer, magog, madai, java, tubal, meshech, tiras-- and related info -- noah, shem, etc.--)

Some searches using the DocumentSimilarity:
compare docid 0 (returns relevant documents related to doc id 0)
compare docid 15 (returns relevant documents related to doc id 15)

Some searches using the TermDocumentSimilarity:  (boolean, fuzzy, wildcard, prefix, regular exp, glob queries supported)
abraham (returns relevant documents related to abraham)
holy AND ghost (returns relevant documents related to holy AND ghost)
king AND david (returns relevant documents related to king david)
japheth AND sons (returns relevant documents related to japheth and his sons)

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